Florida Stucco Gallery of Pool Finishes

Gem Finishes

Florida Stucco Gem Finishes, the etch resistant marcite alternative, are a mill prepared marcite alternative blended with the highest quality selected colored quartz aggregates, white portland cement and proprietary additives to enhance strength, density, bonding and curing. A Gem Finish will yield a hard, long lasting surface highly resistant to stains and spot etching prevalent with traditional pool plasters. Exposure of the aggregate produces a safe, slip resistant and non-abrasive surface that attains a compressive strength in excess of 3500 psi in 24 hours and exceeds 7000 psi in 28 days. Read More

  • capri gem, pool finish
  • catalina gem, pool finish
  • sky blue, pool finish
  • blue gem, gem pool finishes
  • aqua clear
  • aqua gem, pool
  • azure, pool finish
  • bone, pool finish
  • emerald sea
  • french silver, pool
  • hawaiian, pool finish
  • lagoon, pool, florida
  • white gem, gem pool

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