Florida Stucco Exterior Finishes


fibercote, exterior finish

FiberCote is a blend of portland cement, a small quantity of silica, alkali-resistant fibers, and proprietary additives and is packaged in 94 lb. moisture-resistant bags.
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Florida Stucco

florida stucco, exterior finish

Florida Stucco is a machine blended composition of Portland cement and two grades of silica that utilize fade resistant pigments, a water repelling agent and other selected materials to yield a spectrum of attractive colors.
Florida Stucco Corporation maintains rigid quality control standards in its manufacturing processes to insure uniformity of stucco mix and color from batch to batch.
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marblecote, exterior finish, stucco

MarbleCote is a 100% marble aggregate based stucco finish that is specifically manufactured to yield a lasting color finish over any properly prepared portland cement base. Marblecote is composed of white portland cement, white marble aggregate, fade resistant pigments, a water-repelling agent and other selected materials that combine to yield a spectrum of attractive colors.
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